YWAM Coventry



We are a team located in the city centre with a heart to reach 'the all and the every'.



Arriving in Coventry in 2013 we ran a 10 month DTS before building a ministry team to know God and make God known.

We came to Coventry with two words from God - "He has an inheritance for us here" and "a time of training." It has been a step of faith and God has blessed us with great contacts and friendships in Coventry and a beautiful city to live in.

Great unity exists between the churches and ministries and we have partnered with many of them to serve Coventry.



There are always opportunities to help with short and long term projects. We're currently helping with

  • Children's clubs
  • English teaching
  • Drop ins for the homeless and those on benefit
  • food bank assistance
  • prayer for Muslim people
  • hosting teams
  • radio broadcasting times
  • speaking at churches, youth clubs
  • evangelism in the city centre and daily interaction with the people of Coventry in need of God's love—literally right outside our door.

Our team meets throughout the week to pray and worship God together. Each member of our team has their own church and ministries they are involved in. As new members come to join our discipling community, they're encouraged to seek God's purpose for them in Coventry and to pursue the opportunities that God opens to them. We support one another in our team and are blessed to interact with the community at the Kings Lodge weekly.

Come, you are welcome!

We are always open for people to come and join us short or long term, and teams to come for outreach.

Credit: Header image by Michael Tompsett, "Coventry Skyline"

About Leadership

Ben Foster