Titus Project

Titus 1:1
"...to further the faith of God's elect and their knowledge of the truth which accords with godliness."

The Titus Project Training Program is a 12 week teacher training and ministry experience program for SBS graduates. The first 3 weeks are a focused training time where participants learn the basics of teaching and preaching. This is followed by 9 weeks of practical ministry experience teaching in a variety of settings (churches, conferences, Bible schools, home groups, youth groups, etc). The training program concludes with a few days of celebration at the end.


· Preparing and Presenting a Teaching
· Inductive Bible Study
· Creative Teachings
· Preaching
· Bible Overview
· Telling the story
· Teaching through a translator
· Team Dynamics & Ministering Cross-Culturally


The goal of the ministry internship is to pass on the tools of Inductive Bible Study to pastors & church leaders so that they will be better equipped to teach & train their people in the Word of God. Teams usually teach Inductive Bible Study seminars through small books, Bible Overview, various requested books/topics based on needs of audience.

Outreach locations are selected prayerfully on the basis of need, relationship and potential for growth. We try to work repeatedly with the same people/locations in order to have a long-term impact. We also take into account the places or people groups that are on the hearts of the trainee teachers.


During celebration week, teams have a chance to share about their experience, assess their growth, and process as a team and individually the things God did during this time.

Why We Do It

The global church is suffering from theological malnutrition. Despite Christianity's explosive growth the church in the developing world lacks trained, theologically educated leaders. To date, there is one formally trained church leader for every 450,000 people outside of the U.S. Some even say that 85% of Pastors worldwide have had no formal theological training whatsoever.

That means that most of the 77,000 unbelievers coming to Christ daily are left with no qualified leaders to disciple them. We endeavor to connect the wealth of the School of Biblical Studies with this immense need. Discipling a new generation of bible teachers and equipping churches to live, love, and learn the bible.

About Leadership

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